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CRAFT: File Folder Story

Before class: Make copies of Reproducible 10e.

The children may need more than one page if they usethe same character more than once in their file folder story.
Give each child a copy of “File Folder Story” and an unused file folder. 

*You could also use two pieces of construction paper, cardstock, or regular paper taped together. 
o Make a title page for the story on the front cover of the file folder.
o On the inside of the file folder, make 4 different scenes:

1. Peter and John see the man lying on the cot and heal him.

2. Peter and John tell the crowd how the man was healed.

3. The leaders put Peter and John in prison.

4. The leaders let Peter and John go because the crowd had seen the miracle and wanted them released.

o On the back of the file folder, write our Bible verse: “As for us, we can’t stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.” Acts 4:20

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